Staff Training

Staff training and education is extremely important and everyone has a role to play in making Health Check on your menu a success.  We provide training materials to make it easy for all staff to understand how Health Check can help customers make healthy food choices in your restaurant. 

Training Video: This short video will help all restaurant team members from servers to kitchen staff and managers learn about Health Check and the important role they play.

Restaurant Staff Health Check Training Video:

Training Guide: This brief document provides additional information on Health Check for all staff members.  It offers information on how Health Check works, and provides answers to the questions you may get from your customers.

Information Poster: This 11” x 17” posted can be displayed in your kitchen or staff room to remind staff about what Health Check is and how it can help.

For your free copy of the laminated poster please contact:

Kim Graveline
[email protected] or
613-569-4361, ext. 255