Nutrition Facts

Cholesterol >>

The term Cholesterol can refer to either blood cholesterol found in blood or dietary cholesterol found in food


The Facts on Fat >>

Most people know that eating too much fat is not healthy. But many people aren’t aware that we need a certain amount of fat to stay healthy.


Trans Fat >>

Trans fats are a specific type of fat that is bad for your health, especially heart health.  Not only do trans fats increase bad cholesterol levels in the blood (LDL cholesterol), they also decrease the good type of blood cholesterol (HDL cholesterol).


Fibre >>

Most Canadians do not eat enough fibre rich foods. And that’s too bad, because a diet high in fibre has many positive health benefits.

Sodium >>

You’ve likely heard from your doctor or read about reducing the amount of salt in our diet.  But why all the fuss?

Sugar >>

Sugar is found in many foods, both naturally or added. Sugar provides energy (calories) but no other nutritional value on its own. Foods that naturally contain sugar, like vegetables, fruit and milk, are also packed with important nutrients for health.

The Function of Nutrients >>