How It Works

Health Check helps Canadians eat well! Health Check is the only third-party, front-of-pack food information program in the country. The Health Check symbol can be found on grocery products and restaurant menus.

Because Health Check is a program of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Health Check symbol is trusted and credible. It means that the food or menu item has been successfully evaluated against nutrient criteria developed by the Foundation’s registered dietitians, based on the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.

Health Check is designed to help all family members aged two years and over achieve an overall healthy diet. The not-for-profit program is open to food companies and restaurants who voluntarily submit products or menu items to be evaluated by our registered dietitians.

Companies must earn the right to display the Health Check symbol by meeting the program's nutrient criteria. Once accepted into the program, participating companies pay a modest annual fee to cover the costs of running the program and developing tools to educate Canadians on healthy eating.

A symbol that helps identify healthy choices

Health Check grocery items and menu items include:

  1. The Health Check symbol for quick identification.
  2. A message on the packaging side or back panel of a grocery product.
  3. Similar to grocery products, restaurants must provide nutrient information for the menu item and information around why it is a healthy choice.

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