Health Check Can Help - Sugar

In December 2007, as a result of the update to Canada’s Food Guide, Health Check has added a sugar limit to food categories that may contribute higher sources of added sugar, such as cereals, waffles, muffins and grain-based bars.

To be part of the Health Check grocery program, foods in the following categories are restricted in sugar:


Food Category Health Check Nutrient Criteria for Sugar
Breakfast cereals  30 g (20 g to 42 g per 250 mL) 6 g or less sugar (excluding sugar from pieces of fruit)
Breakfast cereals  55 g (43 g or more per 250 mL) 11 g or less sugar (excluding sugar from pieces of fruit)
Waffles/pancakes 75 g 11 g or less
Grain-based bars 50% or less carbohydrates from total sugar
Muffins 50% or less carbohydrate from sugar
Fruit juices No added sugar
Dried fruit and dried fruit snacks No added sugar
Frozen fruit bars No added sugar
Milk No added sugar
Yogurt No added sugar
Soy beverages 13 g or less sugar (levels of sugar naturally occurring in 1 cup of plain milk)