Health Check Can Help - Sodium

Grocery products that carry the Health Check logo must meet the following standards for sodium*:

Food Product

Current Health Check criteria/serving

Bread 50 g

360 mg or less

Breakfast Cereals 30 g 20 g to 42 g per 250mL)

240 mg or less

Vegetables 125 mL (seasoned, sauced, fried)

240 mg or less

Tomato and vegetable juices and blends 250 mL

480 mg or less

Milk 250 mL

240 mg or less

Yogurt 175 g

140 mg or less

Cheese 30 g

240 mg or less

Meats deli meats 55 g ground meat, 100 g raw meatballs, patties 100 g raw meats, poultry (plain, seasoned, coated) 125 g raw

360 mg or less

Canned soups 250mL

480 mg or less

Pasta (plain) 85g dry

140 mg or less

Dinner entrees or mixed dishes 250mL

720 mg or less (effective Dec 2009)

Nuts, seeds and ready to eat dried legumes

No added salt

See the complete list of Health Check food categories  and nutrient standards.

Menu items that are part of the Health Check Restaurant programs must meet the following sodium standards:


Menu Item Health Check Nutrient Criteria for Sodium for Restaurant Menu Items
Soups 250 ml 650 mg or less  (480 mg by Nov 2010)
Salads 100 g  (potato and pasta salads 140 g) 360 mg or less
Appetizers 140 g 360 mg or less
Small entrees 250 g 720 mg or less
Large entrees 350 g  1300 mg (960 mg by December 2009)
Pizza 250 g 960 mg or less
Children’s entrée 250 g 720 mg or less


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*values are continually being re-evaluated and reduced as deemed necessary

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