Health Check Can Help - Fibre

Read the Nutrition Facts table and ingredient list on packaged foods and compare products. Choose the higher fibre and whole grain choices more often. 





Food category Health Check criteria for fibre per serving
Bread 50g
Bread Products 55g
(bagels, pitas, english muffins)
2g or more
Hot Breakfast cereal 40g 2g or more
Breakfast cereal 30 g
(20 g to 42 g per 250 ml)
Breakfast cereal 55 g
(43 g or more per 250 ml)

2g or more

4g or more

Flour/grains 30 g 2g or more
Waffles/pancakes 75 g 2g or more

Enriched white pasta and white rice are part of the Food Guide and are nutritious choices even if whole grains are offering additional benefits.

Read more about label reading.