Health Check Can Help - Fats

Foods in the grocery store that carry the Health Check symbol must meet specific nutrient criteria depending on the food category. 

  • All Health Check products are lower in fat, and in particular are lower in saturated fat. Announced in December 2007, nutrient criteria have been added for the first time for trans fat. Here are some examples of the Health Check grocery product criteria for fat:  

Food Category

Health Check Nutrient Criteria Fat per serving

Lower-fat milk 2% or less milk fat
Lower-fat cheese 20% or less milk fat
Lower-fat yogurt and yogurt based drinks 2% or less milk fat
Cottage cheese (plain) 125mL;  Ricotta cheese (plain) 55g 3 g or less fat
Lean meats
Lean ground meat
10% or less fat
17% or less fat
Extra-lean meat
Extra lean ground meat
7.5 % or less fat
10% or less fat
Margarines (10 mL); oils (10g) 2 g or less saturated and trans fat combined ; no more than 2% of total fat as trans fats 

See the complete list of food categories and nutrient standards in the Health Check program.

Restaurants that are part of the Health Check program offer menu items that meet specific nutrient standards, including the amount and type of fat present. 

Read more about the Health Check Restaurant program.

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