Health Check Can Help - Fats & Oils

How can Health Check help?

While limiting the amount of added fat is important, the type of fats and oils we use in cooking and as spreads and dressings, is equally important. When purchasing added fats and oils like margarine, salad dressing and mayonnaise, Health Check can help identify the healthier varieties:

  • All Health Check cooking oils are low in saturated fats and are restricted to no more than 2% trans fat of total fat
  • All Health Check margarines are non hydrogenated (low in saturated and trans fats) and lower in sodium

All Health Check salad dressings are low in saturated fat, restricted to no more that 5% trans fat of total fat and are lower in sodium. Read more about Health Check’s nutrient standards for fat and sodium or see specific criteria for fats and oil products in the other foods category.

For additional information on fats and oils see Dietary Fat and Cholesterol.