Help Your Customers Make Healthy Food Choices

The Health Check symbol identifies your menu item as a healthy choice. Benefits of participating in Health Check include:

  1. The highly recognizable Health Check symbol is visible on your menu item – identifying it as a healthy choice.
  2. The Health Check symbol tells your customers that your menu item meets the nutrient criteria developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s dietitians based on recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.
  3. Opportunities to participate in Health Check promotional activities and access to healthy eating tips and resources for your customers.

Joining Health Check is straight forward. The program is open to any food company, food marketing association, retailer and restaurant chain. Any menu item that meets or exceeds the nutrient criteria set by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s team of registered dietitians can display the Health Check symbol. Menu items that bear the Health Check symbol are trusted by customers as healthy food choices.

There are Health Check items in over 2,000 restaurant outlets across the country.