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What are customers asking for these days when dining out? Basically, this increasingly savvy bunch want it all. A report from the Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition reveals again that taste is the number one factor that drives what foods we choose to eat. That people are greatly influenced by taste is no surprise, but what may be more noteworthy is that nutrition is a pretty close second. From a health perspective consumers are looking for choices that are low in sodium, fat and sugar, and high in vitamins and nutrients such as fibre.

Factoring taste and nutrition into menu items presents both a challenge and an opportunity for chefs. As customers become more sophisticated, working in a kitchen becomes more demanding but at the same time more exciting. Chefs have long delivered on taste and presentation, but there is definitely room on the plate for better nutrition.

The food industry, including chefs, has an essential role to play in making healthier choices available to Canadians. Health Check has developed resources to help chefs across the country in their efforts to provide healthy choices for Canadians including our nutrient criteria. And for a quick reference of our various resources, please review our directory

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