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Load your cart for healthy heart

Date: 08-21-2013

Back to school can be a busy time for the entire family. Grocery shopping can seem just like another added chore.

 “Back-to-school time can be overwhelming and healthy shopping perhaps isn’t on top of everyone’s mind,” admits Carol Dombrow, registered dietitian, Heart and Stroke Foundation. “But it’s a part of life that deserves more attention than it might be getting.”

 With obesity rates steadily on the rise, it’s time to take stock of what’s in your fridges, pantries and on your plates. It’s time to pack your children’s lunches with vitamins, fibre and fun.

 5 tips to turn healthy groceries into easy lunches:

  1. Visit the produce aisle. Load up on fresh vegetables and fruit. They make easy and healthy snacks.
  2. Make it whole-grain. Look for products that are a source of fibre and made with whole grains. Whole-grain sandwiches or pitas make for a quick and easy lunch.
  3. Choose products high in fibre and low in added fat. Leftover whole-grain pasta makes a great lunch; while whole-grain crackers make an easy snack.
  4. Eat before you shop. This will limit unhealthy purchases.
  5. Check for Health Check ( Products with this logo meet nutrient criteria developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s registered dietitians, based on recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.


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