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Back to school; back to restaurants?

Date: 08-17-2013

More than five million Canadian kids head back to school this fall. And their parents will once again face the overwhelming task of balancing after-school activities, homework and healthy lifestyle.

 While dining at restaurants can be convenient, it can come at the cost of nutrition. 

  • Choose fruit or veggies as a side instead of fries.
  • Ask for milk, water or 100 per cent fruit juice to go with your children’s meal.
  • Look for dishes that are broiled, baked, poached, braised, stewed or steamed instead of fried or deep-fried.
  • Look for the Health Check logo ( This means the dish has met nutrient criteria developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s registered dietitians.

Good choices are out there. You just have to know where to look and what questions to ask.


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