Marie-Claude Mallet, R.D.

Hello, my name is Marie-Claude. I'm fond of saying that my life experiences and my interest in this ever-changing field are what got me to where I am today.

Growing up in Fermont (a small community in northern Quebec) definitely shaped my personality and, to some extent, my interests. The remoteness of the town and the occasional transportation problems sometimes made it difficult to get quality, fresh foods. Ours being a family that values healthy eating, it was a challenge for my parents to teach us the basics of a healthy diet in these conditions. It was my move to "the big city" at the age of 17 that awakened my taste buds, not to mention my curiosity about nutrition—something I hope to pass on to my two children.

When I graduated from the Nutrition program at Université Laval in 2000, I had a hard time choosing just one specialty. Before accepting the position of Nutrition Manager for the Health Check program, I was responsible for deciding which products to include in the program, based on a list of nutritional requirements. My previous work experience includes dietitian positions in a long-term care centre and in private practice, as well as with Osteoporosis Québec. I also worked as a community dietitian in both Montreal and Gatineau, and as a health promotor for ACTI-MENU in Montreal. As head dietitian, I work closely with the dietitians at the Heart and Stroke Foundation to make sure the nutritional and regulatory components of the Health Check program continue to meet set guidelines and recommendations. I also contribute to the Foundation's nutrition-related work, health policies, health promotion and research.

I am a member of the Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec, the College of Dietitians of Ontario and the Dietitians of Canada.