Katie Jessop, R.D.

Hi, I am Katie and I am definitely the dietitian you want to invite to a dinner party.

I love all kinds of food, and have a real sweet tooth, plus a penchant for lively conversation! That being said, I really walk the talk when trying to balance my passion for food with what we know from current nutritional science.  I try to make every meal count, with a goal of variety and colour and as much whole food as possible, ensuring I give my body the full nutrition benefit, while also satisfying my taste buds. 

I worked in the food manufacturing industry for many years, and as I spent more time in business and food science, I found my heart was really in nutrition so I went back to school to become a registered dietitian, studying community nutrition and population health along the way.  What I learned is that the individual food and cooking choices that we make definitely impact us, but the foods we eat in restaurants and purchase from the store are in many ways beyond our control.  My role at Health Check is to encourage restaurants to offer meals that are not just delicious, but also as nutritious as something I would prepare at home. In this way, I can transfer some of my nutrition expertise to restaurant chefs, who can then pass it along to Canadians.