Join Now! Grocery Products

Join Health Check now. This can be done within two to three weeks:

  1. Call or e-mail Health Check to discuss the opportunity and pre-qualify your products by contacting Kim Graveline at (613) 569-4361, ext 255 or [email protected]
  2. We will send you certification forms plus an invoice for a one-time product evaluation fee.
  3. Submit the certification forms and evaluation fee.  The forms require product information such as SKU number, size and ingredients.  A lab analysis may be required.
  4. Once the product's eligibility has been confirmed we will provide a brief explanatory message for your back or side package panel, Health Check symbol and direction on graphic standards.
  5. A licensing agreement will be forwarded for your review and signature.
  6. While the evaluation process is underway you can submit a label mock-up for Health Check review.
  7. We would be happy to discuss this process with you.  To obtain more information or to start the process now, contact Kim Graveline at (613) 569-4361, ext 255 or  [email protected]