Geneviève Nadeau, RD, Nutritionist

I am passionate about what I do, and I want to share my knowledge about nutrition and spread the word to everyone I meet: The key to health is a balanced diet!

Do you have a passion? Well, so do I! My passion is nutrition! My name is Geneviève, and I'm a nutritionist who likes to share her knowledge of food, as well tips and ways to prove that eating well doesn't have to feel like a chore!

After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Nutrition from Université de Montréal, I decided to start my own company, Nadeau Nutrition, specializing in at-home nutrition services and communication. I also led several workshops and conferences, and wrote a number of columns for various magazines. In addition to being a blogger and having a strong presence in various social media, I lend my expertise in nutrition to a website on the Yoopa television network.

My specialty? Giving the public practical tools they can use. I understand when people say they don't have the time to cook or eat healthy. I, too, lead a busy lifestyle that has me juggling work, family and traffic jams. But, when I need some "me" time, I roll up my sleeves and get cooking!