Devon Peart

Hi, I’m Devon. As a registered dietitian with a Masters in Community Nutrition, I understand the importance of eating balanced, nutritious meals.

And as a working mother of three busy boys, I understand how challenging this can be! As often as possible, we sit down to enjoy a wholesome meal together as a family, yet a reality of our busy life is that we, like many Canadians, have some of our meals in restaurants. That’s why I’m thrilled to be part of a program that is helping ensure that suppliers, manufacturers and other foodservice operators offer more healthy options.

Before joining Health Check I worked in various capacities for both the public and private sectors, including child nutrition programs in schools and communities, writing about nutrition for web and print media, and working in health promotion in a hospital setting. 

In my leisure time I love to curl up with a good book, and I also love getting outdoors for some roller blading, or just playing with the kids. I am very happy to be working in the field of nutrition at a time when ‘good for you’ can also mean ‘tastes great!’  Health Check is helping make that happen.