Become a Licensee - Restaurants

The Health Check symbol tells your customers that your menu items are part of a healthy diet

Health Check provides a simple and credible message your customers can trust:

  1. Build a healthy profile: The Health Check symbol on menu items shows that they have met the nutrient criteria developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s registered dietitians based on Canada’s Food Guide.
    Eight out of 10 consumers are aware of Health Check.
  2. Offer more to potential customers: Studies show that two-thirds of customers will visit a restaurant for the first time to try Health Check items. Another eight out of 10 customers will re-visit restaurants more often with Health Check items on the menu.
  3. Offer healthy choices: Consumers are looking for guidance in making healthy choices. By displaying the Health Check logo on menu items you’re helping them make wise choices while eating out.
  4. Use the Health Check symbol in promotional activities, your web site and in-store signage plus more.
  5. Redefine eating out: Your Health Check menu items help customers realize that eating out can mean making healthy food choices. With Health Check, eating out is part of a balanced lifestyle.