Shirley Kragtwyk-Lefevre

My name is Shirley, and I have a passion for great food and sharing my enthusiasm, culinary expertise and nutrition knowledge with others. 

As program manager of the Health Check Alberta Restaurant Program, I work  with restaurants to help them develop and offer tasty menu choices that meet the Health Check criteria. I bring a strong business background and extensive experience in the areas of client service, project management and consulting to Health Check.

After a successful corporate career working primarily in information technology, I was inspired to change my professional path and enrol in one of Canada’s premier culinary schools.  After graduating top of class, I was motivated to further enhance my formal education in the areas of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.   This was followed by starting a private practice offering coaching and consulting services in nutrition, cooking and wellness.  As an educator, I also taught classes and facilited workshops.  

I am committed to promoting and helping individuals make healthier lifestyle choices.  It is gratifying to have such a rewarding role that serves the community in my areas of passion and expertise. 

I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, cooking and dining with family and friends and the daily pursuit of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.