Carol Dombrow RD

I am a registered dietitian who specialized in nutrition education. 

I have consulted for the Heart and Stroke Foundation for over twenty years.   Having worked in the field of nutrition education for many years, I have seen the challenges that consumers face on a daily basis in making healthy food choices.  Resolving these challenges became my professional mission and so I considered myself fortunate when in the mid 90’s the Foundation began exploring the development of a food information program which subsequently became the Health Check program.  I was in the right place at the right time.  Today the program continues to evolve as we work with the food industry to make the food supply healthier with the refinement of the program’s nutrient criteria and making it easier for consumers to find healthy food choices.

My role with the Health Check program involves providing technical expertise, being a program spokesperson with provincial and national media and acting as a liaison to Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

In addition, I also provide nutrition expertise to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and of Ontario, working on nutrition content development and review and government relations support on nutrition issues.

It is rewarding to be involved with an organization whose mandate it is to assist Canadians to make healthy food choices.