Research and Feedback

Survey Results with Dietitians

Canadians love to eat out. In fact nearly one in ten meals and snacks we consume comes from a restaurant.  At the same time, Canadians are also looking for healthy choices when dining out, but are often frustrated with a lack of options in restaurants.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation is committed to helping Canadians eat well, and one important way it does this is through the Health Check™ program, to help them make healthy choices when they choose to dine out.  Health Check provides healthy eating information by identifying healthy choices on menus and ensuring nutrition information is available for all items that meet the Health Check criteria to help consumers make healthy choices. Health Check also challenges restaurants to provide more healthy choices by meeting nutrient criteria developed by the Foundation’s registered dietitians based on recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.

The program is continually evolving, and gathering input and feedback from various professional groups is part of this process. Most recently Health Check carried out a survey with over 400 Ontario dietitians.  The Heart and Stroke Foundation sincerely thanks these dietitians for their time and expertise, and invites other health professionals to review the survey results.