Healthy Eating

Health Check is one important way the Heart and Stroke Foundation helps Canadians eat well. Whether you are cooking at home or eating out you can make healthy choices by following Canada’s Food Guide, reading the Nutrition Facts table and looking for the Health Check logo.

Heart disease and stroke is the leading cause of death for women in Canada but the good news is that women can reduce their risk by as much as 80% by making lifestyle choices like exercising and eating right.  That’s why Health Check is proud to be a contributing sponsor of The Heart Truth campaign.

Tips of the Week

Snacking is a great way to prevent over eating.  Health experts recommend eating three small meals plus a couple of nutritious snacks throughout the day.  

Recipe of the Week

Toasted Couscous Vegetable Pilaf

Question of the Week

If yogurt is good for me, can I say the same about yogurt-covered nuts and raisins?
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