What to do with all the candy?

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Posted by alegendre on 2012-11-5 9:21

Halloween is so much fun for the kids; all the dressing up, the special activities at school, the trick-or-treating, the special scary movies.  And I have to admit that I enjoy it probably just as much as they do!  And as much as I try, it is impossible to escape the candies on that day.  As a mom dietitian, it is always a dilemma for me of what I should do with all the candy.

Curious what other parents did, I asked around and here what are some of the good ideas I got:

  • Let your kid eat quite a bit of candy that night and then send the rest back to the Halloween fairy
  • Let them have 1-2 pieces everyday for the next few weeks
  • Trade the candy for a toy
  • Donate it to the troops
  • Get the parent to help eat it and it will be gone in no time
  • Hide it and keep it for the next birthday piñata

What do you do with your kids’ candy?

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