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Posted by cdombrow on 2010-11-1 11:32

If you are new to our site, we hope you are here to stay. If you have visited our site before you will notice that we have made some changes.

We have added a short video explaining what Health Check does as one important way the Heart and Stroke Foundation helps Canadians eat well. There is a lot more healthy eating information including weekly quizzes, tips, and healthy recipes.

What we are really trying to do is make the website more relevant and interactive. We want to build a healthy eating community and get you to participate in the discussion.

I invite you to join the site by becoming a member. This way you can participate in our online discussions, add your comments, and organize your favourite healthy eating tools and resources on the site, and receive our healthy eating updates.

But if you do not want to sign-up you can still benefit from all of the healthy eating information on our site and search Health Check products and restaurant menu items, find out what is new with the program, and participate in the recipe makeover contest.

Our team of registered dietitians will be blogging in this space on a regular basis. I encourage you to come back and read more and join in the conversation by posting your comments and suggesting any topics you would like us to discuss.

Carol Dombrow, RD

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It mast be tasty, but I prefer more healthy food. Food that help my brain to work and me to do term paper.

You would not have this same experience if you visit a Health Check restaurant. All items that meet the Health Check criteria are identified by the Health Check logo and nutrition information is available for these items on either the menu itself or in a nutrition brochure which your server can provide. Your server should also be able to answer questions about the Health Check items and provide guidance. 
The Health Check team

On a recent business trip I noticed a healthy eating logo on a menu, so when I asked about the nutrition information and how they determined the item was healthy, the server wasn't sure and they didn't have any nutrition information available for me to review. What would happen in a restaurant that works with Health Check so I wouldn't have this same frustration as a customer? Thanks

This web site is amazing. Lots of information to keep me busy being healthy will I pause!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a great video. Good to see who some of the Health Check dieititians are.

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Recipe of the Week

Roasted Vegetable Buns with Spicy Spread

Tips of the Week

Include plain frozen and canned fruit and veggies with reduced sodium and sugar in your winter diet.

Question of the Week

Are frozen and canned fruit and veggies a good alternative to fresh produce?