Tips for safe grilling

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Posted by Judith Blucheau on 2012-07-9 15:55

A meal on the grill is a summertime pleasure that most people look forward to, and it's a cooking method with a number of advantages. In addition to enjoying the sunshine, you get to savour the succulent end product. Grilled food is a healthy option, since barbecuing requires little or no added fat. But it's important to take a few precautions to minimize the potentially harmful byproducts of grilling.

It's true that potentially cancer-causing substances are formed when meats are cooked at high temperatures and when fat drips off the food and onto the red-hot coals or stones in the barbecue. Barbecuing fruit and vegetables is a great alternative to reduce your risk.

 Here are some tips for safe grilling this summer:

  • choose lean meats most often and trim all visible fat before grilling;
  • cook meat in foil packages (en papillote) or on the top grill;
  • avoid burning meat and don't eat the charred parts;
  • clean the grill thoroughly between uses.
  • marinate meat, poultry and fish before cooking in oil-free marinatde that contains a strong acid like lemon juice or balsamic vinegar or follow me on Twitter @JudithBlucheau

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