Salt, you’re dumped!

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Posted by HealthCheck on 2012-02-23 10:16

Have you ever weighted 801,680 Mallard ducks? If so, then you know exactly how much the amount of salt Health Check has removed from the Canadian food supply weighs.
Health Check has removed 800,000 kg of salt, which is enough to fill 88 10-ton dump trucks. Or perhaps take a look at the road on which the dump truck is driving; assuming it is a two-lane highway, this amount of salt would cover the road for 5,161 km of it – this is almost a trip across Canada!

Just imagine how many backyard pools you would pass along the way.  The salt Health Check has removed would fill 16.9 of them (assuming 21 ft. diameter and 4 ft. height).  And the garden sheds that speckle Canadian prairies?  Twenty-nine of those 10 ft. by 10 ft. sheds could be filled with that salt.

Need more to see just how much 800,000 kg of salt is?

  • Approximately the same weight as 17,636 pterodactyls (these are the 40 ft. wing span ones)
  • It would fill two 1,500 sq. ft. homes
  • Approximately the same weight as 135 African savannah, or bush elephants
  • Would cost about $800,000
  • So if you ever wonder just how much salt has been driven out of the Canadian food supply thanks to Health Check, take a look at the nearest 3,000 sq. ft. home and imagine it filled with salt.  That’s how much.

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