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Posted by Katie jessop on 2012-12-19 16:31

Resolutions are really goals, aren’t they? And I don’t like goals. I do not state them or write them down.  Instead I sneak up on them. I sniff around them, poke at them, but would never just stride right up and meet them. And there is nothing wrong with that. I still meet my goals, but not head on.

The same can be said with resolutions around eating. Yes, you can make a big change and do it by going cold turkey, but any dietitian can tell you how many have failed doing that. If you have a resolution this New Year’s eve, consider listing out a few small changes, which can add up to a big goal, instead of just the big goal. Sneaking in some small changes to what, as well as when you eat, can add up to big changes to your health. 

 Here are some simple favourites of mine. 

  • Eat one (more) piece of fruit a day. So simple in theory and in practice. You can bring it to work and place it on your desk so it just looks at you until you are ready to eat it. You can carry it around and chomp it when hunger kicks in. To get your fill of fruit and veggies, include two to three servings at each meal, with a fruit or vegetable for a snack.
  • Buy a piece of fruit or vegetable you have never eaten before, once a month. I often like to prepare one of these at the table as a ‘Ta-Da!’ moment. Recently it was a persimmon. I peeled it and sliced it at the table, while we shared everything we knew about it, which was not much. And then we compared our opinions on the taste. Last month it was barbecued kale chips.
  • Eat vegetarian meals once a week. It is another way to encourage trying new foods, cultures and cooking methods. I have a recipe for injera, the pancake-like bread that is the base of all Ethiopian meals. It will be fun, no matter how it goes over. Why not try oven roasted falafel?
  •  If you find you can’t make it until lunch, consider a mid-morning snack or eat your lunch 30 minutes earlier. It will allow you to eat just before you are ravenous, so that you can still be logical about your choices.
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