How much food are you wasting?

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Posted by cdombrow on 2012-11-21 14:30

Can you believe that as Canadians we waste approximately 40 per cent of our food or an estimated $27 billion worth each year and of this just over half (51%) is coming from homes like yours and mine. Struggling with the cost of food? One thing all of us can do is to plan to use everything you buy. How many times do you throw out produce because it spoils before you have had a chance to use it? What about leftovers? If you are like me they seem to get lost in the back of the fridge and are not discovered until it is too late.

Last weekend I cleaned up my pantry. Now I know what I have and will try to create recipes around what is in my cupboard. This week I plan to take inventory of my freezer. I am actually going to create a written inventory and cross off the items as I use them. I am going to really try to limit my purchases so that I can use up what I already have on hand. Planning is key.  Knowing how long you can store food items is also very important. 

Use what is in your pantry, fridge and freezer before buying more. This can actually help you save dollars and reduce food waste.

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