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Posted by sfoisy on 2012-12-14 11:26

Ok, so this is like your 10th party in a row and you wish you never see a shrimp roll ever again. ‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Ho Ho ho..or more like no, no no.  Weight gains of a few pounds are common between Halloween and Christmas so here are some healthy holiday tips to help you survive the holiday festivities:


  1. STICK TO YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE: This seems a bit odd since there’s nothing normal about going to a million parties in a row but try to stick to your regular routine of healthy eating as much as possible. Having a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks will help you feel full and avoid overeating at the party.
  2. EAT THE HEALTHIER CHOICES FIRST: Many parties have a number of different meal/snack choices. Gravitate and fill up on the healthier choices, like cocktail shrimp, whole-grain pitas with hummus, veggies and dip or a small handful of nuts. Try to look for choices with fibre and protein to feelfull.
  3. THEN HAVE SMALLER PORTIONS OF WHAT YOU SHOULDN’T BE EATING BUT REALLY WANT: Don’t deprive yourself of choices that may not be the healthiest. A way to indulge is to use a small plate or napkin so you take less.
  4. DON’T HANG AROUND THE BUFFET/FOOD TABLE: I once had a recurring nightmare that every time I turned around a buffet table would be there. This seems more like a reality during the holiday season.  When chatting or finding a spot to hang out, avoid the buffet/food table. You are more likely to eat less if it’s not accessible on a constant basis, making it difficult to over-indulge.
  5. FOCUS ON THE FUN AND FAMILY: The parties are about socializing and connecting with friends and family. Take the focus off the food. When you get to the party: order a sparkling water and socialize for the first 30 minutes before diving into the food. This gives you time to survey what’s there and who’s there, increasing your chances of making wiser and mindful food choices.

Happy Holidays!


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