Holiday cooking with kids

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Posted by alegendre on 2012-12-17 11:44

Every family has its own special holiday traditions. One of our favourites is baking cookies using a variety of cookie cutters, some of which were purchased during family vacations while others were used by my husband when he was a kid.

Before you start cooking with your kids, follow these easy tips for a never-fail holiday cooking tradition:

  • Pick your favourite holiday recipes; whether that’s favourite bread for Hanukkah or a delicious Christmas confection.
  • When selecting your recipe, don’t forget to consider the ability of your helper. Very young children may be happy stirring the ingredients, while older children will want to read the recipes, measure the ingredients and add their own creative touches to the food. When in doubt, keep it simple.
  • Use this as a learning opportunity. You can tell your kids about the family history behind the recipe or dish, or special facts about the main vegetable or fruit of the recipes, or demonstrate some science facts through the recipe. Or it could be as simple as working on colours and numbers.
  • Set the mood. Don't forget the kitchen when you're putting up holiday decorations. Having themed music playing in the background while you cook with your kids will help sets the mood, and they will always have fond memories of their holiday cooking experience.

If you just can't come up with some favourite recipe ideas of your own, try these child-tested favourites, turn on the holiday music and let the fun begin:

Homemade pasta. Kids will love working the pasta dough and put in all the fillings with lots of veggies, or help place the different layers in lasagna and sprinkle the cheese.

Bread, muffins or rolls. Kids will love to knead and roll out bread dough, and they will have a blast designing their own shaped rolls. Why not try our Fruited yeast bread?

Cookies. Any recipe that uses cookie cutters is sure to be a hit and your kids will have a blast decorating them . Be creative and don’t limit the use of the cookie cutters only to cookies. How about cutting out fruit in fun  holiday shapes?

Salads or soups. Kids love to clean and cut up vegetables. Choose your utensils with ability and safety in mind. Let your kids choose the different vegetables and fruit; it might actually motivate them to try new ones.




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