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Posted by skl on 2012-11-21 14:05

Big-batch cooking and freezing foods are so rewarding! A healthy meal can be on the table and enjoyed in a short time if you’ve already done the preparation and put in the effort ahead of time. 

In some parts of Canada, we’ve already had a blast of winter and with cooler temperatures and busy schedules, quick, nutritious and hot meals really hit the spot. With little or no planning ahead, it’s easy to pull together a delicious lunch or dinner using frozen foods.

Our freezer is stocked with pre-made soups, stews, casseroles and pasta sauces. I like to round out the meals with whole grains like brown rice, pasta or bread along with a salad, fruit or vegetables to make a comforting and healthy feast. Just defrost (if necessary), heat and serve! 

It’s easy to transform store-bought frozen foods into healthy meals in minutes. Some flash-frozen foods like fish, shrimp or vegetables don’t necessarily need to be defrosted before using, but can be baked, steamed or added to a quick stir-fry. Try out some speedy vegetarian dishes – I make a version of succotash using frozen lima beans and corn (steam or heat in pot with a little water or broth) and add chopped red pepper and onions, fresh herbs, a splash of canola oil and a little cayenne pepper – yummy! Another great must-have in my freezer is frozen edamame (shelled soy beans), which is a great protein source and can be steamed then mixed with quick-cooking coucous or quinoa, chopped tomatoes, green onions, and few more of your favourite vegetables for a tasty one-bowl meal. 

Did you also know that most whole grains freeze very well and reheat in just a few minutes in the microwave? Keep meal portions of cooked rice, pasta (go with whole-wheat), barley, or others on hand as side dishes or combine them with fresh or frozen vegetables, no salt added legumes (canned) and you’ll have a whole array of healthy options in no time at all. Most legumes freeze beautifully too, so you can have a real variety of mix-and-match combos ready in your freezer! Keep Canada’s Food Guide in mind when preparing your meal for a balance of nutrition, texture and flavour!

Dinner’s Ready!

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