Cooking for One or Two

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Posted by cdombrow on 2012-12-6 10:38

I now find myself in the situation that most nights there are only two of us for dinner. My kids are grown and now have their own homes so when they come to visit, we have seven for dinner but the norm is just two.

I have had to adjust my shopping and cooking habits. I try to plan so that I do not have to cook every night. Thankfully my husband and I both love leftovers. Some of my favourites are meals that freeze well. I can make meatballs, soup, stew and casseroles and divide them into portions and freeze whatever we don’t eat right away. It is wonderful to have these meals all ready so all I have to do is defrost and heat them up, add a salad and dinner is ready. I sometimes cook to ensure I have leftovers, such as roast chicken that can be made into a salad or sandwiches later in the week or rice that starts as a side dish and then later in the week is used as the basis for a tofu stir fry.

Using frozen vegetables, especially in the winter helps to cut down on waste; none of it gets spoiled.
Buying in bulk allows me to control the amount that I want to buy.  

Yes, you do have to adjust your buying and cooking habits but you can make it work and eat healthy at the same time.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has many recipes for one or two servings. 

Check them out.


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