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Posted by skl on 2012-10-16 15:17

Thanksgiving weekend is over but it kicked off the start of fall cooking and loading the freezer with our family’s favourite comfort foods. At this time of year, the crisp weather and shorter days trigger cues to start big batch cooking of meals that are delicious, nutritious, as well as soothing and satisfying.  

With a healthy approach in mind, hearty soups top the list – comfort, warmth and flavour in a bowl of homemade goodness. It’s a given that there will be turkey noodle soup (made from the Thanksgiving bird) in the freezer along with a couple of other favourites – pea, lentil and barley and maple butternut squash. With endless types and varieties, it’s easy to find a good soup recipe ( and so easy to modify or create your own). Combine broth or stock (choose low-sodium options), vegetables, a lean protein source (meat, fish, poultry, legumes), some whole grains, herbs and seasonings, simmer and soup’s on!

Classic stews, casseroles and other one-pot savoury meals are other favourites and convenient choices for busy weekday dinners – defrost, heat and serve. Balance the meal with quick and simple foods like a salad, cut-up vegetables, whole-grain breads and milk.

Over the years, our traditional and seasonal dishes have evolved into healthier versions including beef stew, chicken curry, shepherd’s pie, pasta and bean casserole, chili and baked beans. For many recipes, it is easy to reduce the fat and sodium, incorporate healthier ingredients and use low-fat cooking methods and end up a with a great tasting result. 

It gives me great comfort knowing there are delicious homemade food options in the freezer ready to be enjoyed whether on cold nights and or just when we’re craving a little comfort food. 
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