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Posted by JulieLau on 2012-12-7 11:59

Christmas is always a fun time to make snacks and goodies with my son. We’ve been doing this since he was old enough to stand on a chair and reach the kitchen counter. So this year, I was trying to think of fun but healthier snacks, cookies and desserts that we can make together. The grandparents are coming for Christmas this year as well and my father-in-law loves desserts, but they need to be low-fat. 

So here are some modifications to favourite family recipes I came up with to make over the holidays:

Whole wheat Cookies – I substitute half of the flour in most cookie recipes with whole-wheat flour and it generally works fine. It may be a little denser in texture, but I love the nutty flavour the whole wheat adds. I also leave out the egg in most cookie recipes that call for one egg as my son is allergic to eggs as well.

Fruit crisp/cobbler/buckle – Making desserts with fruit such as an apple crisp or blueberry cobbler is delicious and provides more servings of fruit for the kids.  You can cut the fat down by using less butter or margarine or using a little canola oil as a substitute. Add whole-wheat flour and ground flax seeds for more fibre and yogurt or applesauce in place of eggs for texture.

Rice Cereal Cottages – instead of using the traditional gingerbread cookie dough, I thought I would try making it with a rice cereal and marshmallow recipe. This would combine a kids’ favourite and a holiday tradition and it is lower in fat.

Popcorn Brittle – I thought this one was a winner for us as my son is allergic to peanuts, so instead of peanut brittle, we can make popcorn brittle. Substituting the peanuts for popcorn removes most of the fat. This recipe is still high is sugar, so keep it as a special treat.

Here are some other recipes from the Heart and Stroke Foundation website that are kid friendly:

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