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It’s GROW time!

Posted by HealthCheck on 2012-04-10 9:42

As Canadians gently tip their toes in the first shy rays of sunshine, it becomes clear that spring is well on its way.  And with the sunny warm weather comes the opportunity to start planning your garden and if your climate...

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Chocolates, eggs and bunnies

Posted by kimdietitian on 2012-04-5 11:35

Easter is a time that is usually associated with indulging on chocolates and of course eggs. Eating Easter eggs and chocolates is not all bad, however. Making a few simple choices can help you and your family enjoy a wonderful...

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The untold story of Passover

Posted by jweinfeld on 2012-04-5 10:13

For those of us who celebrate Passover, it’s that time of year again to say goodbye to bread, pasta, and delicious baked goods, and hello to matzo. Passover celebrates the liberation of the Jewish people from slavery in ancient...

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Eggs for Easter?

Posted by alegendre on 2012-04-2 10:38

I know it may seem like a cliché but why not? The egg has long been a symbol of resurrection and new life. Later on came the legend about the Easter bunny laying colourfully decorated eggs. But no matter what, eggs taste good...

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I’m Small on Smoothies

Posted by Katie jessop on 2012-04-2 10:36

Does everyone own a blender?  Mine turned 12 this year, and has been making smoothies each morning for that long. I know this because I received it as a wedding present.  Everyone has experienced some version of a...

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2012 Resolutions check in

Posted by alegendre on 2012-03-23 9:48

As we are well into March, I'm wondering: How are you doing on your 2012 resolutions? Or, if you didn't make resolutions, how are you doing with your exercise and diet in general? Are things moving along for you or are your...

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How to overcome the dinner blues?

Posted by alegendre on 2012-03-22 9:45

Is your dinner time lacking excitement?  Does your meal lack originality?  Is your family not having as much fun as you think they should during mealtimes? If this sounds too familiar, then the following five tips to help break the meal...

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Whole Grain Goodness – Every Day in Easy Ways

Posted by skl on 2012-03-14 14:41

Over the last few years, whole grains have gotten a lot more respect and attention.   And it is well deserved!  Whole grains have a lot to offer.   They are nutritional powerhouses providing complex...

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Health Check contest produces fashionable results

Posted by HealthCheck on 2012-03-14 12:02

Once again our faithful followers have proven that healthy food is always in...

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Foods to fuel your workout

Posted by DPeart on 2012-03-2 16:52

In the wake of New Year’s resolutions, many of us have resolved to start exercising, or to exercise more. Which begs the question: what to eat? The first thing you need to know is that you do not need a special diet, or sports supplements to...

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