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Think outside the box (of chocolates)!

Posted by DPeart on 2013-02-13 11:20

Fresh off the heels of New Year’s resolutions, and we are all trying to live better; finding ways to be active and make good food choices. And then along comes Valentine’s Day! Hard not to notice — store aisles are...

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Shrink the 10 Year Gap – Make Health Last!

Posted by cdombrow on 2013-02-5 11:40

Research shows that there’s a 10-year gap between how long Canadians are living and how long they live in good health. I will always remember one of my colleagues who would say that I want to live until I die.

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Posted by sfoisy on 2013-01-31 10:59

“Ready...Set...Hut, Hut Hut!”  This is a standard call used in American Football to get the two teams ready for the play. I’m using it to get you ready to throw the best game day party — added bonus...

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Nutrition Information in Restaurants? We Want It!

Posted by HealthCheck on 2013-01-30 10:20

It is no secret that Canadians like to eat out. But sometimes the lack of nutrition information can turn restaurant meals into a gamble. Yet most Canadians say they would like to have nutrition information available. All Health Check...

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Eating fruits and vegetables in the winter: A challenge?

Posted by Geneviève Nadeau on 2013-01-24 9:57

The benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are no longer a secret. We now know that, thanks to the vitamins, fibre, minerals and antioxidants they contain, a daily dose of fruit and vegetables can help us fight off infections,...

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Model of Health: an inspiration to a healthier you

Posted by HealthCheck on 2013-01-21 14:29

The Heart Truth is that heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death for women in Canada but most don’t know it. Yet, by adopting a healthier lifestyle, women can help reduce their risk.

Now is...

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New Year Resolutions

Posted by alegendre on 2013-01-7 10:18

Don’t you love the New Year? It almost seems like we can start all over and finally become that productive, successful, healthy, happy person we've always aspired to be, right? The trouble is that once we realize it takes...

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Less clipping; more saving!

Posted by HealthCheck on 2013-01-4 14:55

January is a great time to make a fresh start. As we say good-bye to the food ghosts of Christmas past, you can resolve to make 2013 your healthiest year yet. Whether this means healthier foods or healthier behaviours, this month is...

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This winter don’t hibernate.... stay active!

Posted by alegendre on 2013-01-3 12:03

We live in a place where it tends to get really cold during the winter months, and it can sometimes make being active seem less attractive. And before you know it, reasons to abandon your workout routine are knocking at the door....

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Resolved to be better?

Posted by Katie jessop on 2012-12-19 15:31

Resolutions are really goals, aren’t they? And I don’t like goals. I do not state them or write them down.  Instead I sneak up on them. I sniff around them, poke at them, but would never just stride right up and meet...

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