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What a day!

Posted by cdombrow on 2011-03-25 13:35

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Mise en place – An approach to easy and “no fail” cooking.

Posted by skl on 2011-03-21 10:12

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Mise en place (pronounced [miz ɑ̃ plas], literally "putting in place") is a French phrase defined by the Culinary Institute of America as "everything in place", as in set up. It is used...

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And the winners for the Meal Time Makeover contest are...

Posted by mmallet on 2011-03-17 7:10

What  great participation we had for the Meal Time Makeover contest! Here are a couple facts about the...

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Happy Registered Dietitians Day

Posted by HealthCheck on 2011-03-16 10:16

Our team of registered dieitians are at the heart of our program. They are the ones who devevop the nutrient criteria and work with grocery manufacturers and food service operators to help them make healthier products and menu items for...

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Spring is in the air and ....on the menu.

Posted by skl on 2011-03-10 10:00

March has always been a favourite month for me.   First, it heralds the promise of Spring and new beginnings.  The days are noticeably longer and the end of winter is just around the corner.  Second, I celebrate birthdays with a...

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How can you possibly compare one food to another?

Posted by Katie jessop on 2011-03-7 8:22

I love Top Ten lists.  We all do.  I will listen longer to a radio station that has a day’s most popular countdown.  If it is a dance music station, it tells me what sorts of songs are popular for those who still go to ‘the...

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Your Top Tips for Week 7

Posted by mmallet on 2011-03-4 14:20

Ah-Ha! For those who were expecting my top tips of week 7 you are going to have to wait until the beginning of next week.  Why?  Because there are 3 days left to register for the...

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March is Nutrition Month! The theme this year is Celebrate food...from field to table!

Posted by cdombrow on 2011-02-28 9:25

Nutrition Month is always a good time to evaluate...

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Is your dinner cooking yet ?

Posted by DPeart on 2011-02-28 9:13

If your family is like mine, somehow life just seems to get busier and busier. I also find my energy going in reverse—I wake up raring to go but by the end of a workday I don’t always have the energy, much less the time, to start cooking...

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Your Top Tips of Week 6

Posted by mmallet on 2011-02-25 13:13

You have one more week to go to enter our Meal Time Makeover contest. Week 6 is almost over and I am happy to report that we have received over

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Recipe of the Week

Roasted Vegetable Buns with Spicy Spread

Tips of the Week

Include plain frozen and canned fruit and veggies with reduced sodium and sugar in your winter diet.

Question of the Week

Are frozen and canned fruit and veggies a good alternative to fresh produce?