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A is for Apple, B is for Beets....C is for Cooking with Kids

Posted by skl on 2011-06-20 11:51

It all started out with a trip to the farmer’s market and strolling through the aisles hand in hand with my 3 ½ year-old grandson.  As we were exploring the vendor stalls, the ever curious one peppered me with questions on what was on...

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Less sodium and more potassium in your diet can help to keep your blood pressure in check

Posted by cdombrow on 2011-06-13 20:06

Okay, we have heard a lot of talk about reducing the sodium content of your diet. Health Canada is currently working on ‘targets’ to encourage food companies to reduce the amount of sodium in their food...

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Health Check restaurant wins Alberta Food for Health Award

Posted by skl on 2011-06-9 9:27

At a special Alberta Premier’s award luncheon ceremony on May 31, four Alberta food producers were recognized for their work in developing healthy food products.  The Alberta Food for Health Award selections were based on nutritional...

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Healthy kids meal at Casey’s

Posted by sfoisy on 2011-06-7 8:04

If adults have a hard time making healthy choices, so do kids - especially when ordering outside of the home.  A night out to a favourite local restaurant is fun, but can also be filled with unhealthy choices. Ordering a healthy kids meals that is...

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Delicous and healthy meal for $2.50

Posted by cdombrow on 2011-06-6 10:52

I commonly hear people saying that it costs more to eat healthy.  Well, I will be giving examples in my monthly blog of some delicious, healthy recipes that are not going to break the...

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Grill baby, grill

Posted by DPeart on 2011-06-2 11:27

When I think (dream) of the warm summer months, I picture myself in a lawn chair, sipping a cool beverage, soaking up the rays…and trying to avoid getting dinged by a stray soccer ball as I cheer from the sidelines. 

In summer, I...

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June is Stroke Month

Posted by cdombrow on 2011-06-1 7:48

June is Stroke Month.  A recent Heart and Stroke poll warns that Canadian women have dangerously low levels of stroke awareness.  It is very important to know the warning signs of stroke and the urgency of seeking treatment. The good news is...

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Healthy eating advice - who are you going to listen to?

Posted by Katie jessop on 2011-05-24 9:46

If you want to feel bad about what you eat, make sure you read ‘What Nutritionists Eat’ in this month’s

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What are Canadians saying online about healthy eating?

Posted by HealthCheck on 2011-05-18 16:14

Nutrition is a hot topic. Whether Canadians are reading about healthy eating in the mainstream media, talking about it with friends, or participating in conversations online, there is a lot of information being shared and discussed about...

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Health Check welcomes quick service Asian chain Wok Box

Posted by JulieLau on 2011-05-13 8:08

I am happy to say that we now have an Asian restaurant chain that offers a Health Check menu – four items including one on the kids’ menu. 

That is good news indeed since my son really likes the Dragon Chicken with...

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